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 Price list


If you have already seen your dream wedding cake, forward a picture to me I will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.  All cakes are made to order and are designed to meet the requirements of the customer, so it is difficult to give an exact price here.

The following prices are intended as a guide only.

Wedding Cakes.      
Single Tier from £200.
2 Tier 6" + 10" from £300.    
3 Tier 6" + 8" + 10" from £400.

4 Tier 6" + 8" + 10" + 12" from £500

Celebration Cakes.
8" Sponge from £60.          
10" Sponge from £80.

8" Fruit from £70                
10" Fruit from £90


Cupcakes.   from £3 each.  

​All my cakes are freshly home-baked using the best ingredients. Fruit cakes will have a base layer of marzipan beneath the fondant icing and Sponge cakes will have a layer of buttercream below the fondant.
The prices are based on individual requirements and are personally created.


For a detailed price, please contact me via my "Contact Me" page.

Choice of Sponge :






Salted Caramel

Spiced Ginger


Carrot cake


Red Velvet

Fruit Cake (with Brandy, Rum or Orange)

Hand-made Flowers are priced individually.  Cakes with sugar lace detail will be slightly more expensive.
Prices include, Boards, Ribbon, Basic Decoration and the Cake Box.

Cake Portions.
When cutting a Fruit Wedding Cake the usual portion size is a 1" square per guest, However Sponge/ Chocolate Cake do not cut as cleanly as fruit cake, therefore a slightly larger portion needs to be allowed for.

Below is a guide to the portions a cake will give.

Round  Sponge  Fruit                      Square  Sponge  Fruit


    6"         10        18                          6"           12               30         


    8"         24        40                          8"           30               54


   10"        38        68                        10"          48               90


   12"        58       100                       12"          70             134.


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